2022 In Review

Top Ten Posts of 2022

I always enjoy taking this look at the data at the end of the year from a pure statistical point of view. Here’s the most popular posts of 2022 as we get ready to soar (badum tish!) into 2023.


The Sad Story of the Seawind 3000 N8UU

My favourite comment on this piece is from Harrow: “The man actually did get the several decades of flying experience that he planned and paid for. He just crammed it all into one flight.” You can bet that this one will be featured in the upcoming book!


Hard Landing Within Limits

Not sure what attracted the renewed attention to this 2020 crash but it’s a fascinating case hinging around a printer out of paper.


Fatal Crash of LSA at Santa Monica Airport

This is a frightening crash of an instruction and student in September. The NTSB have released a preliminary report.


The Odd Story of Richard Floyd McCoy Jr

A documentary about DB Cooper brought new attention to this 2018 piece I wrote, even though I concluded that McCoy was not likely to be Cooper based on differences in approach.


The Last Known Whereabouts of the White Bird

I’m not sure why this 2021 piece, which was part of Without a Trace, had so much attention, but somewhat bizarrely, it ended up being this year’s post with the most need for moderation. I recommend taking another look at this one just for the comments.


Post-Pandemic Mystery at Heathrow

I was fascinated by this and I’m really happy to see that other people were interested too!


Hypoxia on Kalitta 66

This post about a hypoxic pilot that I posted in 2014, featuring the ATC recording which appeared on YouTube in 2009, is still one of my favourite examples of how utterly disabling hypoxia can be.


Piper Comanche Full of Arrows

This photograph keeps showing up on social media with claims that the pilot flew too close to an uncontacted tribe but I’m very happy to see that these days, there is almost always a post to my piece explaining that it is actually part of an art exhibit. Full credit to the artist, he definitely got people talking!


This must be the Photograph of the Year

I think this may be the first time that a recent post has made it to the top three. But I’m glad: these amazing photographs by Nino Lo Giudice and by David Kappernick deserve the attention!


The Story Behind an Unbelievable Photograph

This is by far the most popular page on the entire site and the comments are even better. I never get tired of this one and apparently neither do you.


So what was your favourite post of the year? Let me know in the comments.

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