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31 Dec 07 One Comment

At the beginning of 2007 I made a really useful list of things to practice when I’m, well, out of practice. And then I never looked it again. I’m once again going through a stretch of not-flying and somehow, this year, I’ve managed to feel particularly out of touch – as if every flight were a catch-up flight and I never got to a point of feeling in control.

So New Years Resolution Number 1 is to have a set time, once a month, where I do text-book studying, mental practicing and refresher reading. It may not seem like very much but it is more than I have been doing!

Resolution Number 2 is to redesign this blog. It needs shifting anyway as it is running on an old version of WordPress. I still like the idea of flying to all the islands but it really doesn’t seem realistic to do it in any sort of short-term time-frame, so I want to move the emphasis away from that. On the other hand, I quite liked writing about the places we’ve been (and from the stats, people do like seeing those posts) so I want to open it up a bit so the focus is split between flying and travelling rather than just flying.

Resolution Number 3 is to get caught up on posting my photography. I have a lot of photographs taken last year (and some taken the year before!) and I am simply going to inundate the Fear of Landing flickr account until I get them all uploaded. I’m not going to worry too much about sequence and timing although I will try to write a bit about the different places we’ve flown to.

Resolution Number 4 is to lose some weight so that I can do a new “pilot photograph” to replace the one I said was temporary until I lost weight – and have used for almost a year now.

Last year I resolved to post here once a week and I’d say I generally managed a post every ten days-ish, so I was close! Luckily, I didn’t put any other resolutions online so you can’t catch me out.

Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to the next one.

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  • LOL. I am infamous for writing to-do lists that I never again look at (or find) so I feel your pain. I really like your Resolution #1. I may borrow it…

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