A Special Offer on Pilot Error (out now!)

28 Apr 23 23 Comments

I’m super excited that my latest book, Pilot Error is SECRETLY available at e-bookstores now (with a new-and-improved cover thanks to your feedback)!

Buckle up for an exhilarating ride through the world of aviation mishaps in Pilot Error! Aviation expert Sylvia Wrigley provides an eye-opening exposé of mistakes made in the cockpit, ranging from comical blunders to catastrophic consequences.

Discover the man who crashed a vintage plane for YouTube views, the helicopter pilot who tried to defend receiving a blow-job in the cockpit, and the man who crashed his new plane seven times in seven days. From drunken escapades to mid-air collisions, this collection of true stories will leave you in awe and in stitches.

With vivid storytelling and a keen eye for detail, Sylvia captures amusing, infuriating and tragic screw-ups from all over the world. Pilot Error is a captivating and eye-opening read that will have you shaking your head in dismay with every turn of the page.

Every chapter has been extensively revised and updated and you’ll also find some completely new content in addition to the stories you already know and love from Fear of Landing. So even if you have read everything I’ve ever written (and if so, I love you) there’s still something new here for you.

The reason this is a secret is that because I want to make a deal with you.

The costs of running this website is about $40/month now. I hate pop-up ads and most other ways of defraying costs for running the website. And I love the conversations here, so I really don’t want to see Fear of Landing as a private mailing list.

BUT, I worked out that if 50% of you purchased a book, then my share of the sales would cover the website costs for a year. I decided I would do my bit by lowering the price to the minimum I need to break even on the website costs.

That’s why this is a secret launch. For this weekend only, Pilot Error will be on sale for ~50% off of the cover price at all major e-book retailers.

Choose your ebook seller to buy Pilot Error now for your discount: https://books2read.com/piloterror

This sale is only for the weekend. You are welcome to tell friends and family about the discounted price, if you like! The official launch, at full price, will take place on Monday.

Short version: Buy my book! Quickly before the price goes up! And thank you for being here. <3

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