Málaga Moments

Our flight last weekend out of Málaga was very frustrating. I couldn’t fly the first leg because they won’t allow VFR traffic Thursday – Monday. The fuel bowser took forever to get to us at which point the driver told us that it wasn’t working right and that he needed to get someone to help him. At one point the plane was surrounded by four cars – one of which belonged to the Guardia Civil who came over to find out what all the fuss was about.

When we finally got our fuel, we were informed that he had not brought the card swiper with him and one of us would need to accompany him to the office to pay.

We spent just over two hours simply trying to refuel. It would have been more sensible to leave Málaga and land at another nearby airfield just to pick up the fuel for our journey.

On the bright side, while we were waiting a friendly mechanic passed by and volunteered to remove our winterization plates which was a bit of luck!

One good thing about being banned from taking off is that I get to take a lot of photographs. As much as I grumble about Málaga, it sure is pretty…

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