What chaos. Isle of Wight is happening as planned, but when it came to Isles of Scilly, we found a definite reluctance to let rooms for 2 nights during high season, when they could get people staying for a week.

So we gave that up and looked at Anglesey instead. Seems there’s a sailing festival happening that weekend and the recommendation of the woman at the B&B we chose was to stay well away until it was over.

Meanwhile, Cliff was looking into Lundy, an island with an airstrip that wasn’t on our original list. It has a 400m runway, “rough ground, rabbit holes.” Not the most heartening of descriptions. He managed to prove that the Saratoga was capable of landing there, not so definitely capable of taking off again. Possibly with an ace pilot. I’m not.

I’m meeting up with my ex-instructor to mess around with some more difficult flying and short-field landings, so we can do a fly-over and take a look at it, but I’m not holding my breath.

Next on the list? Walney Island. Closed weekends. *sigh*

So we decided to give it up for next week, we’ll do Isle of Wight and then drop the plane in Wycombe to get maintenance sorted out and look at options again next week. Perfect flying weather, it’s just the bit on the land that’s a pain. :)

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