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Birling Gap Hotel

Just a quick update to say we had a wonderful time at Birling Gap – my mother and my son both loved it, much to my relief.

The weather was IFR (in fact, we arrived a day later than initially planned to wait out a storm) but the South Downs still look beautiful in rain and mist – maybe even more so than in the sunshine.

Heide and Connor

We walked and ate and talked and walked some more – a great way to getaway. I can heartily recommend both the Thatched Bar at Birling Gap and the Beachy Head pub at, er, Beachy Head. Every meal we had was excellent, although I admit that coming in from the cold is an excellent spice for any meal. I’ve uploaded my favourite photographs of the weekend for you to see some of the sights.

We’re on the Isle of Mull now, at Ardachy House with its stunning views of Ardanalish Bay. Yesterday Connor and I walked 6km (he returned back to fling himself face down on the bed and swore never to move again) and I couldn’t stop saying “Isn’t this a pretty spot!” despite the obvious evidence that every step on the island led us to yet another pretty spot.

There was some last minute scurrying around to try to open Glenforsa airfield in time for us to fly in but the ground was a bit too damp. We used Oban airfield instead which has recently undergone renovations and has a new 1264m runway. It is a great airfield, easy to spot from miles away and as soon as we’d taxied off the runway, there were people coming out to help us unload the plane and organise a taxi. Very helpful and friendly. It was a quick trip from the airfield to the ferry where we sat in the bar and watched the mainland recede and the island come into view. A very comfortable trip, despite nasty 30 knot headwinds all the way in.

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