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14 Jan 11 One Comment

I’ve been running around like a mad woman all week so I’m afraid I don’t have a real post for you. To make up for it, I made this mosaic of iPhone photographs I took today travelling from Heathrow to Malaga:

Meanwhile, if you are looking for something interesting to read, I highly recommend this series on Alaska Dispatch:

Part One: Seasoned Alaska pilot recounts Knik Glacier crash landing

Part Two: ‘Perfect storm’ of deadly conditions tested Alaska pararescuers

Part Three: Another aircraft crashes before successful rescue from Alaska’s Knik Glacier

Max Trescott has written up a summary of the articles if you want the short version: What all Pilots Can Learn from Alaska Plane Crash Rescue

Now, I’m off to unpack my suitcases and collapse in a heap.

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One Comment

  • Hey you guys…takes me back to being a young instructor in the 1960’s but I had to get a job flying the big jets to pay for a wife and family.

    Now 50 years on it’s just the simulator for me. We all love flying but there are millions that don’t so if you bump into any of them maybe you’d send them towards my site. (And of course in the 60’s it was just a Tiger or a Stampe to do this stuff in.)


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