Sky Dance

12 Mar 10 One Comment

Unfortunately I am somewhat under the weather so no post today. And although I’ve got a great YouTube clip for you, I strongly suspect that I am the last person left on earth who hasn’t already seen this video.

But gorgeous views like these are worth watching more than once, aren’t they?

This is apparently a clip from Sky Dance, a 1980’s IMAX documentary film about aerobatic flying. Sky Dance Product Review

Ultimate G’s puts the viewer in the front seat of the Extra 300 aerobatic monoplane. You’ll feel the thrill of flying in a world-class aerobatic competition aircraft through the Grand Canyon! Pilots from the Air Combat Canada show team and world aerobatics champions engage in solo flights, dogfights, formations and aerobatic flying. Originally released in IMAX theaters, this movie is hightly recommended not only for it’s visual effects, but also its delightfully entertaining story about a young boy who dreams of becoming a pilot despite all odds.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

So, is it true? Did all of you already know about this film and neglect to tell me?

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