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2 Mar 07 2 Comments

As a result of a new link (or two) to this site, I’ve been asked, rather directly, what exactly it is that I’m doing. I wrote up this bio/description the other day which hopefully explains:

I am a 39-year-old German-American (brought up in both countries) currently living in Spain with my British boyfriend and very confused son. After I received my Private Pilots License, I found I wasn’t keeping the hours up without a goal. My boyfriend set the challenge: fly to every possible island in the British Isles.

I have identified 38 islands with usable runways within the geographical British Isles, from Jersey  off the coast of France to the icy  Faroes, located halfway between Iceland and Norway. Ireland and the Aran Islands lie to the West and the Scottish Shetlands are my unexpected Eastern boundary.

Highlights include Lundy in the Bristol Channel (population 7); Mainland, an intriguingly named island in the Scottish Orkneys; Barra in the Outer Hebrides with a runway only available at low tide and Walney Island in English Cumbria, which appears to have no redeeming value whatsoever.

So if you are interested in flying, travelling, British culture or writing, you should find something here for you over the next few months as I get back to the master plan after hibernating all winter.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to add an FAQ to the sidebar but I need some questions! So leave me a comment if you have any. :)

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  • It can be really helpful to fly in a small plane and be given control — you can do this as a part of a trial flight in most schools and I think it can help to get combat of some of the mystique. I know two people who have conquered their fear of flying by learning to fly. Intriguingly, neither of them has continued to fly — one simply doesn’t have the time. The other has a real hatred of interrupting and thus can’t cope with speaking on the radio.

    Thanks for coming to visit. :)

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