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9 Oct 09 4 Comments

I totally lost control of my week! I had no idea it was Friday and now it’s the end of the day and I am out of time to write an interesting post for you.

So I am giving you permission to play a game. Spend the time you would have wasted reading my ramblings and see if you can get all the planes organised sensibly. I have to admit, I feel bad about all those passengers trapped in the planes while I made the pilots wait for taxi.

Choose to “Play Free Version” and then click on the planes to give them instructions.

Remember, you shouldn’t have planes taking off over landing planes, even though it lets you get away with this! I felt really guilty for trying to see how many planes I could have on the runway at once!

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  • Only one thing to say: 237,342 points. And a few hours of my week-end gone. The one at night is particularly devilish. The nice thing with this game (apart from being totally addictive) is that a sure way to win is to play it safe: only one plane on a runway at a time and initiate a go-around as soon as it look a bit tight. Too bad for the passengers waiting on the ground.

  • You beat me. :)

    I kept *trying* to be safe and then somehow it seemed sensible to let a plane come in even though there was someone crossing and the mishaps got closer and closer until finally I’d crash two planes.

    It’s probably a good thing I’ve never considered a job in ATC.

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