Nothing is so Beautiful as Spring

8 Apr 11 7 Comments

I have in the past complained about the snow in the UK and that my flying was unnecessarily curtailed as a result of the weather.

So on a glorious day like today, it seemed only fair to show the other side of British aviation: the glorious blue skies and clear horizons of a perfect Spring day. It’s 20C and barely a breeze to be seen on the windsocks. The only downside of this set compared to winter is that there are far fewer aircraft to be seen on the webcams. They must all be up in the air!

Here are my screenshots of the webcams (so you see what I saw, this afternoon) with links to the live webcam. Just click on the image or the name if you want to see the live weather conditions.

Bembridge Airport
Cambridge Gliding Centre
Cotswold Airport
Deeside Gliding Club
Enstone Flying Club
Hollym Airfield
Kirkwall Airport
Leicestershire Aero Club
London Gliding Club
Lydd Aero
Milfield Gliding Club
Oxford Airport
Sherburn Aero Club
Shoreham Airport
Shropshire Aero Club
Ulster Flying Club
Wellesbourne Airfield

Where are you right now? Post a link to your local airfield – especially if it has a webcam!

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  • You can’t rely on the English weather this time of year, well… ever, really. But yes, when it’s like this, it is truly perfect.

  • I am having trouble believing that the Ottawa International Airport doesn’t have a webcam, but if it does, I can’t find it! Nor does the much smaller Rockcliffe Airport in town, though I did find a YouTube link that shows it (last fall).

  • Oh brrrr, there’s still snow on the ground at Ted’s airfield: webcam.jpg. What a contrast.

    Ilona, according to my Canada webcam list,t he following airports have webcams:
    Edmonton International Airport Webcam
    Halifax Stanfield International Airport Webcam
    Kincardine Municipal Airport Webcam
    St. Johns international Airport Webcam

    So no Ottawa, I’m afraid! Mind, Heathrow was late to the party as well, as I recall.

    Hmm, maybe a collection of webcam images all around the world would be fun. One webcam per country…

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