Destination: Strasbourg

Strasbourg has two airfields serving the city: Entzheim (LFST) and Neuhof (LFGC).

Neuhof (LFGC) is much more convenient for the city but has a number of restrictions. It is not a customs airfield. There is no air traffic control and the radio is in French. The runway is 819 metres of grass.

I didn’t get a chance to worry about the radio or the runway length; we were flying in directly from England and so needed to go to a customs airfield. This made LFST a no brainer.

For general details, see the links in my Flying in France post.

Note: Do not rely on other people to gather information for you – and for the love of safety don’t rely on my notes being correct for your flight! Always verify all details yourself.

LFST Strasbourg Entzheim

Phone Number: +33 3 88 64 67 67
Hours: 24 hours


ATIS: 126.92
Ground: 121.80
Approach: based on entry direction:
119.45 (East)
120.70 (West)
FIS Reims Information: 124.10

Online Information

Website (no general aviation information)
VFR Plates

The weather was not very good and the cloud was low. In the end Cliff flew us into Strasbourg IFR (another good reason for LFST) but as you can see it was a lovely landing!

If you are lucky enough to have time to spend in this beautiful city, then I can highly recommend skipping lunch and having one of the Sauerkraut dinners at Maison des Tanneurs in Petite France. And for personal friends who read this site: Tony says could you please take him with you when you go.

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