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I’m surprised to find out that I haven’t written a destination piece on Oban, one of my favourite airfields. In fact, I’ve only mentioned it once.

Update from Abroad, March 2008

We used Oban airfield instead which has recently undergone renovations and has a new 1,264m runway. It is a great airfield, easy to spot from miles away and as soon as we’d taxied off the runway, there were people coming out to help us unload the plane and organise a taxi. Very helpful and friendly. It was a quick trip from the airfield to the ferry where we sat in the bar and watched the mainland recede and the island come into view. A very comfortable trip, despite nasty 30 knot headwinds all the way in.

The location is stunning, the runway is a comfortable 1,264 metres long and the people are unfailingly polite and helpful. The airport (with fuel available seven days a week) is optimally placed for exploring the Hebrides and there is a B&B directly across the bridge which you can use as a base if you want to make an early start.

If you don’t want to make it a flying holiday, you are still well-placed in Oban with ferries to the local islands and well-connected by train.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a recent description of the airfield on PPRune:

What’s happening at Oban?

You cant beat the view from the airport at Oban on a nice sunny day! Either summer or winter the view is breath taking no matter which direction you look! Fantastic place to use as a base to explore further up the West coast and indeed to Inverness and the East travelling up the Great Glen. Fuel is available there which is in short supply once you leave the Central belt of Scotland!
The guys there are fantastic with nothing being too much trouble and if passing and fancy a quick stop I have called on the radio and never been refused a landing! There maybe a PPR rule but as with most things in aviation circumstances change and Oban Information seem to be very accommodating! One of the best airports I have visited!

My first flight into Oban was nerve-wracking due to the thousand-foot hill a mile to the north of the runway, that’s when I learned what a dog-leg was. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to fly into 01, which makes for a simple straight-in approach, with a fairly gentle left turnout on a go-around.

Although we only stopped for a cup of tea (I’ve since been told that they offer Jammy Dodgers as standard, we missed out!), I am reliably informed that the nearby Lochnell Arms offer a good meal if you are looking for something more satisfying.

Note: Do not rely on other people to gather information for you – and for the love of safety don’t rely on my notes being correct for your flight! Always verify all details yourself.


Airfield: EGEO
Phone Number: 01631 710910 (Strictly PPR)
Hours: 09:00-18:00 GMT
Frequency: Oban Information 118.050 Mhz
Runway: 01/19 1264×30 Asphalt
Divert: Glasgow

Oban officially want a 3 hour PPR but we’ve never been turned down even when phoning a scant hour ahead. The landing fee of £15 is a wee bit steep so in future I intend to insist on a Jammy Dodger to defray my costs.

And if that hasn’t whetted your appetite, then take a look at this awesome collection of aerial shots from the South-West Highlands, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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