The Ninth Day: A Gift Guide

10 Dec 09 3 Comments

A number of aviation bloggers have joined up to bring you The Twelve Days of Christmas: An Aviation Gift Guide. I’m going out on a limb with today’s recommendation but it can be hard to be sure what a pilot might like – we’re all different – and this was the one thing I could think of that every pilot would use.

OK, I admit, this is a gift you probably should have started saving up for last year. It’s cheaper than a Cirrus and more expensive than just about every other aviation gift you are likely to find recommended. But maybe you can get everyone in the family to chip in?

The Bose Aviation Headset X is a lightweight, noise-cancelling portable headset which I’ve found to be both comfortable and reliable. You can spot the pilots who have these at any training school, they carry their headset with them, refusing to use the set provided in the rental planes.

You can buy the headset online from Bose via for $995 in the US. In the UK, you’ll have to find the nearest shop using the Bose Dealer Locator.

Yes, it costs almost a thousand dollars. This is a big-ticket item, make no mistake. However, if you can get the cash together and you want to really surprise your favourite pilot, then take a look at this headset. I’m confident that every aviator would be very happy to find this in their stocking.

But if this isn’t what you had in mind, don’t despair! There is a a great collection of ideas in the the Aviation Gift Guide and more to come! I’ve listed the gift ideas so far and you can check the guide again over the next few days to see what other pilots came up with.

Day One: A Cirrus

Day Two: Flyabout DVD

Day Three: Intrument Coasters

Day Four: Breitling Navitimer

Day Five: Portable Collision Avoidance System

Day Six: Discovery Flight

Day Seven: Safer Pilots

Day Eight: Learn Your GPS

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  • Now that’s a gift! Great headset. In fact, it’s almost too good. I’ve used these before, and find that you can barely hear when your props are out of sync.

    Great suggestion Sylvia.

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