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28 Dec 12 2 Comments

Over the past few months, one of my goals was to make You Fly Like a Woman available in as many formats as possible. I originally launched the book on Amazon in Kindle format, yet quite a few people asked me if they could buy a copy in PDF or ePub format instead. The answer at the time was no, as I was in an exclusive agreement with Amazon to distribute the book.

But I have great news for you now: yes, you can buy the book in a variety of different formats! So if you’ve received an e-reader for Christmas or just been waiting for your favourite format, you should pick up your copy right away! You Fly Like a Woman is now available in every text format known to man at a wide range of online retailers:

And on top of that, You Fly Like a Woman is also now available as an audiobook. I really enjoyed working with Molly Elston, an excellent voice actress, in order to put together this brand new version of my first flying adventures. At just over an hour’s length, it’s perfect to listen to while commuting or jogging or even just sitting on the sofa with a glass of Spanish red.

You can pick up the audio version of the book at:

In 2013 I am looking forward to writing 52 new blog posts for you as well as a brand new e-book (or maybe two). I appreciate all the support you’ve shown me over the past six years and I’m looking forward to spending another year with you.

Happy New Year!

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  • Great work getting it in so many outlets! You forgot my preferred reseller though… any chance of picking it up through Google play? I loathe giving my credit card info to yet another retailer.

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