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A collection of aviation links that I honestly shouldn’t be amused by, but I am. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

JetBlue Pilot Threatens To Crash Plane Leaving From Boston If Girlfriend Doesn’t Reconcile – wbztv.com

The pilot, who has not been identified, was taken into custody at Logan for allegedly sending an email to his girlfriend in which he said if they did not reconcile their relationship, he was going to crash the plane.

The officer was questioned by the FBI at the airport, and taken to a Boston hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

I know it isn’t really funny but the response on PPRuNe was classic:
JetBlue Pilot Threatens To Crash Plane – PPRuNe Forums

The TSA / FAA / Government knee-jerk reaction to this will be great!

“Pilots Banned From Having Significant Others”

Also found on PPRuNe: Multiple bird strike and how not to handle it:

I was shouting at the computer as I watched this. By the end, I was banging my head against the keyboard. Simply unbelievable.

Cockpit Conversation: Simple Security

I thought this was clever for straightforward access.

It allows visiting pilots to get into the lounge without fuss while offering a clear signal to non-pilots that this is a restricted area. No, it won’t keep anyone out who seriously wants to get in but stops it from being treated as a free-for-all.

And this is an oldie but a goodie: Pouring ice tea while flying inverted:

I’ve seen this clip before but it never ceases to make me smile.

If you are looking for a more serious collection of links, take a look at last week’s post on Golf Hotel Whiskey: Best of the Web.

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  • I love how in the tea thing, the pilot talks about how many friends he’s lost to cutting margins, etc. and then he goes on to spin upside down one handed while performing, what is essentially, a parlour trick.

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