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Sometimes I can lose the entire day just reading websites and following links – but I can justify it by passing on the results. I’ve collected the best of what I’ve found to save you time! I’m such a martyr.

The FAA have released their transcripts from Flight 1549 landing in the Hudson in two formats: Air Traffic Control tapes in MP3 format and the full transcript in PDF format. As you read it, you can see the captain mentally ticking off options. I’d have slipped a swear word in there somewhere. Full Transcript from America West Cactus 1549:

2029:26 L116 okay which runway would you like at teterboro
2029:28 AWE1549 we’re gonna be in the hudson
2029:33 L116 i’m sorry say again cactus

Passengers reject pilot, spokeswoman blames mass psychosis. But it’s OK, pilots aren’t required to be coherent for flights. Passengers stop flight after ‘drunk’ pilot sparks panic – Times Online:

Flight attendants initially ignored passengers’ complaints and threatened to expel them from the Boeing 767 jet unless they stopped “making trouble”. As the rebellion spread, Aeroflot representatives boarded the aircraft to try to calm down the 300 passengers.

One sought to reassure them by announcing that it was “not such a big deal” if the pilot was drunk because the aircraft practically flew itself.

The Big Picture is one of my favourite photography sites anyway so I was thrilled to see them highlight these stunning aerial shots of London: More of London from above, at night – The Big Picture –

Jason shot these images with a camera attached to gyro-stabilized mounts from a Eurocopter AS355, hired out at around £1150 (GBP) per hour, using Nikon gear and either a 14-24mm or a 70-200mm lens. Even with that, the low light and heavy vibrations can make things difficult, Jason says “I often shoot tethered to my MacBook Pro to check the sharpness of the images whilst I shoot.”

Seems someone forgot to activate the brake cable. Ooops. Videos and Photos of Army Special Ops, Navy SEALs, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard in Action – Shock and Awe –

How to Blow 80 Million in 6 Seconds
How to Blow 80 Million in 6 Seconds

Plastic Pilot is always on the lookout for good content to share with us. This week, he asked instructors for flying advice and published their answers. 5 Instructors give their top tips | Plastic Pilot:

So my best advice to pilots is to continually study, become a lifetime student of aviation! Don’t let complacency creep into your flying skills. Just like a physician has to stay up on the latest medical journals, techniques and practices, so must a good pilot continuously review airplane flight manuals, aviation regulations and trade publications (and blogs!) to keep current and sharp in this continuously changing environment of aviation.

Some interesting new information on BA 777 Heathrow Accident, brought to you with commentary from Cranky Flier.British Airways 777 Accident at Heathrow Linked to Delta Incident >> The Cranky Flier – Airlines|Airports|Air Travel Blog:

It’s odd to see this report come out before the investigations are finished, but Boeing must have seen something that it really thinks needs to be fixed. The chance that this could cause another accident is slim, especially now that they’ve recommended some operational changes (like, fly lower where it’s warmer if necessary) that will help avoid the problem.

Yes, it’s somewhat tasteless but to be honest, I fell for it! Turns out it was a prank.Virgin Sues Over Hudson Crash Prank –

According to the suit, filed yesterday in Federal court, Virgin claims Adrants Publishing posted an ad on its website,, showing a photo of the jet planted in the Hudson River, with the caption, “The Hudson Crash: Just One More Reason to Fly Virgin.”

This Flight Global article is fascinating. NASA puts forward concepts and possibilities for the next century, including dismissing competition to reduce pollution (only one flight per route). I’m not sure I like the sound of their view for the future of private pilots.Flight 100 – the next 100 years:

Flying cars transporting people along dedicated “highways in the sky” at low cost on high-volume routes similar to the railway networks operated today, could be the answer to growing road congestion. The new generation of very light and personal jets will become an increasingly viable alternative to the strict regime of commercial flying, at a fraction of the cost of today’s business jets. This could fuel the growth of air taxi operations, which would become an integral part of the transport system and open remote and formerly inaccessible areas to businesses and individuals.

This Gizmodo article is a few months old so maybe everyone but me has already seen these bizarre uses of jet power but it did make me laugh. I have to admit the Darwin Awards come to mind.Gadgets: 10 Gadgets That Have No Business Using a Jet Engine:

Jet-Powered Toilet: Powered by a Boeing Jet engine, this outhouse can reach speeds in excess of 70 mph—giving it the distinction of being the “fastest toilet in the world.” The way I see it, that puts inventor Paul Stender on the same level as Chuck Yeager.

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