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This week: a collection of news and views from the Web that I think you will find interesting. Don’t forget that if you want to see interesting Aviation links throughout the week, you can subscribe to Fear of Landing on Facebook for automatic updates.

This looked like a pretty slick landing to me until the very end:

Plane’s crash landing captured by camera mounted on the wing | The Sun |News

You can get the full details on the NTSB write up: WPR12CA072

First injury reported:

JetBlue Pilot suffers eye injury from green laser during flight

Pilots on board JetBlue 657 reported seeing green laser flashes while they were on their approach into John F. Kennedy International Airport on Sunday, and notified the tower immediately, saying it was somewhere about 5,000 feet above sea level.

Question of the day:

You have an electrical fire in the cockpit… – PPRuNe Forums

As your first action, do you:

– Declare an emergency?
– Turn off the master switch?

And finally, this made me smile. A lot.

Gopher Found To Be Living Under Rocket Launch Pad :: The Florida News Journal

Workers at the Russia’s Baikonur Space Center in Kazakhstan recently discovered a gopher living under one of its launch pads while preparing for an upcoming launch.

Workers placed a camera at the hole trying to see what was under there and caught the sub-terrain resident coming out for a stroll.

The Russian Space Agency said it will safely relocate the friendly gopher out of the launch pad area for its safety.

As they say, at least he has plenty of space…;)

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