“How Slow Can You Fly” and Other Questions Answered

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This week, a round-up of questions:

What do you do if your wheel falls off in mid-air?

This lovely classic video posted on the PPRuNe Forums shows Gladys Ingle of the 13 Black Cats – clearly an amazing woman – changing plane mid-air to replace a lost wheel for a stunt film.

What was the Slowest You Ever Flew the Blackbird?

Those of you who follow me on Facebook will have already seen Brian Shul’s answer to this question but it bears repeating. I’ve now tracked it down to Plane and Pilot Magazine which I think is the original source.

Speed Is Life – Plane & Pilot Magazine | PlaneAndPilotMag.com

As I noticed the airspeed indicator slide below 160 knots, my heart stopped and my adrenalin-filled left hand pushed two throttles full forward. At this point, we weren’t really flying, but were falling in a slight bank.

What Happened to Amelia Earhart?

AVweb report that a wreck has been found near Papua New Guinea which might be Earhart’s plane:

Earhart Wreck Found?

A report from Papua New Guinea says the wreck of an aircraft that might be the Lockheed Electra flown by Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan has been found on a reef near Bougainville Island near Papua New Guinea. The Papua New Guinea Post Courier is reporting “armed men” are guarding the area over a reef off Matsungan Island where an aircraft matching the description of Earhart’s plane has been found. Divers are now checking the wreck and inquiries are flooding in from all over the world. There is no word on whether any human remains have been recovered.

How Did Hugh Hefner Travel?

Gadling has a fun feature this week on Hugh Hefner and the jet he purchased in 1969:

The Playboy jet: How Hugh Hefner traveled in style | Gadling.com

Even by today’s private jet standards, N950PB was a very luxurious jetliner. A rear folding private entrance took Hefner directly to his private quarters with an elliptical bed. After a long flight, he could take a shower or get some work done in his conference room.

Popping the Question!

Vancouver Air Traffic Controller makes Marriage Proposal live on Air (and doesn’t he sound sweetly nervous?)

This is an old recording (apparently they have three kids now!) but this marriage proposal over the radio was so lovely, I couldn’t resist including it.

Any questions?

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