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2 Oct 09 9 Comments

This week: A selection of aviation articles and images that I found intriguing.

Bird strike! The moment 200 starlings were sucked into passenger jet engine on take-off | Mail Online

‘It was like a scene from the Hitchcock movie The Birds. One second all was clear, and the next thing you saw were these birds swarming over the plane,’ said an onlooker.

It is thought more than 200 starlings were sucked into the right engine as the Boeing jet approached 200mph.

Others dented the fuselage but thankfully did not pierce it. Their splattered remains could be seen on the plane later.

Houston News – Superthief – page 1

Dyson realized something was wrong driving back to his shop when he saw the Bonanza scream past him along the runway, taking off with the cockpit door still swinging open. He called Pearah, realized he’d been had and called the police.

Meanwhile, Calhoun flew the plane about two miles east, according to Dyson, then reversed course west for another three miles before crashing into a strand of trees. Uninjured, Calhoun could’ve simply escaped like he’d done for years, except his truck was still at the airport.

STOL Contest in Valdez, Alaska : Sulako’s Blog

Take a close look at the little yellow plane at 1:30 into the video for a gentle little prop strike right at the start of his takeoff roll. I’m amused / horrified that the pilot chose to continue the takeoff despite kissing the runway, but maybe I’m getting cowardly in my old age.

Above the Clouds. Sky-Viators in CG Illustrations. | Templates.com

This post is devoted for all those who are real fans of aviation, for those who find the point of life in it, for all those who are not afraid of the depth of the sky. The dream to fly above the clouds in the altitudes where the air is thin is not for everyone, only those who are strong in their spirit are able to perform it and they dare to do it.

HowStuffWorks “How Air Force One Works”

Air Force One is a prominent symbol of the United States in general and the office of the presidency in particular. Whenever the president travels overseas or across the country, he takes his high-tech deluxe jumbo jet with him. On September 11th, the president’s plane showed that it was much more than an executive jet — it became a mobile bunker when all ground positions seemed vulnerable to attack.

grande nef | aviation section | aeronautical salon | 1909 | 0004 | Flight Archive

Among other full-sized machines are the Delagrange and the Bleriot biplanes — the latter a 3-seater — the Bleriot, R.E.P., and Antoinette monoplanes, Kapferer’s double monoplane, and the Breguet aeroplane-helicopter. The Wright aeroplane is represented by a fullsized model, but the others above-mentioned are actual machines, and form a collection which is, it will be seen, quite as representative as could be expected under the circumstances, and remarkably interesting to boot.

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  • The Cub pilot in the Valdez May Day fly-in that had the prop strike was disqualified for continuing around the pattern. His only competition in class, a blue and white Cub was also disqualified for nosing over on landing. Funny stuff. I plan to enter my Apache in the competition next year just for fun… :o)

  • I lost half a day watching clips from the Valdez May Day fly-in. Great stuff, I’d love to go! I’m not so sure I’d dare enter the competition though ;)

  • does anyone know where i can find the video of the bonanza that flies into IMC, and choses to navigate through a valley using handheld GPS, and hits a bush with right wing? i saw it once and cant find it again, any help would be appreciated.

  • @Sylvia: Unfortunately the poster of that video got a little shy and removed it :(. I’d also be interested in seeing it, if someone can find it somewhere else.

    On another topic: That story about Calhoun the Bonanza thief is hilarious. That man needs a reality TV show. He has had the most bizarre life I can think of. Thanks for posting it!

  • Wow, thanks for the find!! I’m not sure I’d call that a “near miss” more a “survivable incident”. It looks like a case where opportunity eclipsed judgement.

  • Why does the helicopter not lift off? Not enough pitch on the blades. For the CP2: lengthen the pitch links to increase the blade pitch. The best way to set the blade pitch is to disconnect the main and tail motor wires for the 4 in 1 controller (noting their positions) then switch your TX on and connect the heli battery. Allow the gyro to calibrate then switch the idle up switch on (top left of TX) then centre the throttle stick (leave trim at the bottom).

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