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29 Jul 11 One Comment

It’s been beautiful sunny weather and I’ve seen a lot of GA planes flying past, which always cheers me up. Also, I’m hoping to go flying myself in the next couple weeks after an extended break. Hurray! So to celebrate, today’s post is full of good news and happy endings. I hope you enjoy it.

Pilot who survived Lake Huron crash speaks | wzzm13.com

“A big freighter went by within 50 feet of me and I was screaming and screaming,” he recalls. “Obviously they didn’t see me.”

Trapp took off a sock to wave at boats and finally he was seen by people aboard a 45 foot yacht.

“I about started to cry when they slowed down,” he says. “I was like, “Oh my God, thank you, thank you.'”

Maule ferry flight to Europe « Contract pilot tales

The trip got off to an ugly start. I ran the beautiful, brand new, yellow and blue Maule M7-260 off the runway before we even left our departure airport. Never before in my career as a pilot have I done anything like that.

Aircraft Incident: American B772 at DFW engine fire indication plus blew tyres

An American Airlines Boeing 777-200, registration N780AN performing flight AA-963 from Dallas Ft. Worth,TX (USA) to Sao Paulo Guarulhos,SP (Brazil) with 246 passengers and 14 crew, was in the initial climb out of runway 17R when the crew reported they had an engine (Trent 800) fire indication.

Pilot survives plane crash in Waterford

Flight Training: Miracle Student

On a freezing day in January 2009, Clay Presley found himself in a very improbable place—standing on the wing of an Airbus A320 that had just landed in New York’s Hudson River.

Huddled with the other 154 passengers and crew, waiting for a tour boat to take him to dry land, Clay Presley could have vowed never to set foot on an airplane again.

Instead, just two years and 10 days after he was part of the emergency landing that riveted the nation, Presley soloed a Cessna 172 at Rock Hill Airport in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

And if that’s not enough to make you smile, then there’s always this wonderful Monty Python clip (shout-out to thermalhound who reminded me of it).

Do you have good news or do you know of a happy ending that we could celebrate? Add it into the comments!

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