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I may not be flying at the moment but Vincent from PlasticPilot and Jason of are doing astounding things. I’ve mentioned their Flying Across America project before: they’ve teamed up for a flight across the US to promote General Aviation.

We will fly from Daytona Beach, on Florida’s Atlantic coast to Catalina Island, in the Pacific, about 25 miles west of the Californian coastline. Our planned route is Dunnellon – Daytona Beach – Destin – Baton-Rouge – Houston – Sweetwater – El Paso – Prescott – Chino – Santa Catalina

On the way home we’ll fly Whiteman – Santa Maria – Las Vegas – Sedona – Roswell – Georgetown – Lafayette – Pensacola – Daytona Beach – Dunnellon.

We will organize events at our stops to promote General Aviation and pass our message. Contact us if you’re anywhere near one of our stops and want to meet us or help us with local organization.

And the exciting news is they’ve started! They took off from Dunnelon last week and did a videolog recapping the first day:

They are in Houston now and updating Flying Across America as they go. There’s a write-up of each day so you can tag along vicariously and there’s a Facebook page you can follow Flying Across America’s Photos which has dozens of photographs of each day.

Do I even need to mention how insanely jealous I am? But it is so much fun to follow along with all the details. Vincent and Jason are posting a wide range of great content, ranging from planning and weather to flying experiences to photographs from all over the US and visits to interesting museums and air shows.

Here’s my favourite shot from today, Day 4 of their journey:

How can you not love these guys?

I hope they are having a wonderful, wonderful time and I will be following the rest of the trip on the Flying Across America site and the Facebook page.

If you happen to be located at one of their stops, be sure to arrange to meet them – and tell them hello from me!

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