A Fun Set of Videos for the Weekend

These are all good-hearted aviation videos which are being passed around that I thought you might enjoy. Surely you can’t have already seen them all!

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This is closer to power lines than I ever want to be in a flying machine:

They are fixing damaged wires and cables on live high voltage power lines. I was holding my breath while I watched.

I have seriously always wanted a jetpack:

In my imagination they would be a bit more portable and less like a strapped on car, though.

This video is a bit older but still quite frightening to watch from the 6 minute mark onwards:

Spoiler: the Cap-21 at College Park Airshow was able to land safely despite the lack of a propellor.

I found this documentary about the Hawker Hunter is fascinating:

The Hawker Hunter is a subsonic British jet aircraft developed in the 1950s. The single-seat Hunter entered service as a manoeuvrable fighter aircraft, and later operated in fighter-bomber and reconnaissance roles in numerous conflicts.

An amazing video of atmospheric affects around aircraft:

Fantastic and surreal footage taken when the dew point and the air temperature line up to show trailing vortices and wing condensation.

I’m still amazed by the A350 formation flight in September. Airbus have now released a “making of” video about how they did it.

The attention to detail is very telling and it’s just wonderful to see those five aircraft flying together again. Full credit to Airbus for making this excellent display and allowing us a view behind the scenes.

And finally, this documentary follows the final flight of a Qantas Boeing 767-300ER as it goes to Victorville* airplane graveyard, “where planes go to die.”

I have to admit, I felt a bit teary eyed for the poor little Boeing.

I hope you enjoyed those. See you next week!

* Little known fact: when I was 16, an earnest young gentleman asked me to run away to Victorville with him to get married and live happily ever after. If I’d known about the airplane graveyard back then, I might have been tempted!

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