Photographs of Lausanne

30 May 08 3 Comments

I’ve come down with some sort of horrific flu and really not up to writing a word – but I wanted to start posting, especially as I know Plastic Pilot is waiting to see how Lausanne is faring without him. As you can see, it was a bit cloudy over the Swiss Alps on our day of departure, so Cliff (who is instrument rated) did the flight. That meant I was free to take photographs!

Rainbow Over Lausanne

Parked at Lausanne Airfield

Lausanne Airfield

At the hold for Runway 18

LSGL Runway 18

Flying Away From Lake Geneva

Flying Past the Airstrip

Farewell Lausanne

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  • Hi, great shots, lausanne is a great city + airport, I fly to Sion a lot, bit dramatic with peaks above you and close or seemingly, where were you flying?

  • Hi!

    We were flying from Lausanne to Altenrhein (now going by St Gallen), so we just followed the lakes until we reached the Bodensee :)

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