May Route Planning

30 Apr 08 6 Comments

We’ve got a busy fortnight coming up – I’ve done a quick mock-up of the route we are starting to plan. The plane is parked in North Weald (in Essex) so the flying doesn’t start until we get there (the British Airways flight to Gatwick doesn’t count, that’s just a case of arrive at the airport and stand around feeling frustrated!). Then we’re flying south to Switzerland and navigating our way to Lausanne and then on to St Gallen for the weekend. Then, like some sort of psychotic dot-to-dot, we’ll head north with a vengeance to the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides to pick up the wheelchair we dumped to save on weight on the last flight. Just a day or two there before we dive down towards London again, theoretically going to Shoreham but recent news means that looks iffy. I hope I’m wrong!

Then we’ll load up the plane and head home to Málaga via a quick overnight stop at Bordeaux for refuelling. Whew!

I’ve drawn it on Google Maps but that really just makes it clear how inefficiently we’ve made our plans – great zigzags! View the larger map for a more detailed view of our stops.

View Larger Map

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  • That’s insane.

    Would it not be quicker to train a small group of monkeys to push the wheelchair to Switzerland and meet them there?

    BTW, according to the map, you’ve parked the plane in a hedge. :p

  • I did say it wasn’t exact. *grumble* I poked the “pins” in fron a slightly closer range than is shown here – i.e. vaguely aiming for the right city. :)

  • Ahhh, Lausanne, my ex home-base… I wish you fun there, and for all your flying. Would be fun to see if you post photos of places I’ve been that often.

    Have a nice trip !

  • I will certainly post photos – but you don’t get off the hook that easily! I’m going to mail you with a stack of questions. :)

  • Anna – just a quick stop. We’re there to pick up Connor but then instead of heading home we’ll be going to Mannheim, or at least get partway there.

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