On the Third Day of Christmas…

3 Dec 09 7 Comments

Trying to find presents is never easy and however much I swear I will be more organised next year, it always seems to end up December before I’m ready.

This year, a number of aviation bloggers have teamed up to bring you gift ideas and I’m thrilled to be one of them. With a theme of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” we’ll each be posting gift ideas for the aviator in your life.

Day One:
On the first day of Christmas… I wish me a Cirrus | Plastic Pilot

Day Two:
Max Trescott Aviation Trends Aloft: Twelve Days of Christmas – FlyAbout DVD movie for Aviation Lovers

Day Three:

Aviation coasters!

Seriously, it can be nerve-wracking to buy gifts for pilots when you don’t know what is missing from their flight bag but these coasters are useful in any household and they look great!

I am sure they will bring a smile to the face of anyone interested in planes.

I found them for sale over at Trintec Industries Inc.. They have three different styles – classic, round and modern – as well as a number of other fun household products in their aviation catalog. They accept Paypal for payment and will ship anywhere in the world.

Stay tuned for Day Four from Matthew Stibbe at Golf Hotel Whiskey.

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  • In my old flying club those coasters were a staple of the annual awards ceremony. Always a winner with pilots obviously. I still have some of them at home (in the “classic” shape) as well as a beer glass with an artificial horizon showing blue at the bottom and the words “pilots do it inverted”. Classy.

    I think most pilot shops will carry these, along with the (in)famous “remove before flight” girls tops, which I noticed you failed to mention :-)

    Over at skykeek.com I found a license plate frame that reads “my other car is an airplane” while another one reads “lady pilots don’t stall around”.

  • You know what would be cool? A coaster that senses the amount of drink remaining in your glass and moves the needle of the altimeter accordingly. And when time has come to pour another one, a metallic voice would announce “minimums”.

  • Yes, I saw the tops … ;) I could be tempted by the license frames maybe.

    But I was laughing out loud at your speaking-coaster: that would be *awesome*!

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