Calling in sick

1 Dec 23 9 Comments

I tested positive for COVID today. This is the second time and I feel like death. My timing is a little off: I was booked for a booster on Wednesday.

Here’s an interesting article about DIY Ice Cream in Wartime (Take one Corsair, 5 ammo cans, canned milk and circle at 33,000 feet.)

Now if only they could make chicken soup and deliver it here.

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  • Sadly Covid is still out there. I do hope you feel fully fit to
    soon enjoy the upcoming holiday and eat too much ;)

  • Hope you feel better soon. (In The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, Douglas Adams gets sardonic about the impossibility of getting pizza delivered in the UK; one would think food service companies would see chicken soup as more worthy.)

    Great story about ice cream. Also more justified, considering the circumstances, than the ~1970’s “training flights” that somehow all ended up in Colorado, from where the pilot could fetch back cases of Coors. (Considering that Coors is feeble even by the standards of US mass-produced swill, one wonders about the taste of the pilots and their friends — but when Coors was a smaller company it had serious mystique.)

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