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Andreas Zeitler is a German aviation professional who runs a website dedicated to airshows in Europe and features his photography from all around the world. I first discovered his photographs on and visited his website:

I was thrilled to find a lot more photographs there as well as trip reports from his visits to Japan, Israel, Beirut and the US. Of course, he took plenty of photographs of interesting aircraft at all of these locations.

I mailed Zeitler and he kindly gave me permission to share his photography with you. I’ve added quotes from his website and links to further photographs in the set on the right of each photo:

Meeting du Centenaire

Where? Reims, BA112 – France
When? 27-28 July 2009

The Meeting du Centenaire – “Meeting of the Centennial” – was announced as a big celebration of the first airshow held at Reims in August 1909, celebrated at the location that is today the airbase BA112 of the French Air Force. Additionally to this reason it was also the last meeting at this airbase which is due to close in 2011.


La Ferté-Alais / Aerodrome de Cerny

Where? La Ferté-Alais / Aerodrome de Cerny
When? 31 May – 01 June 2009

Though the airshow season is not over yet, the event at La Ferté-Alais can surely be rated amongst the top shows of the year. This is not only due to perfect weather, but also due to a perfect mixed of some of the finest flying that you can imagine of aircraft from all eras.


Hellenic Air Force

Where? Araxos and Kalamata AFB, Greece
When? Spring 2007

Very secretive and mostly inaccessible the HAF (Hellenic Air Force / ???????? ?????????) possesses a very interesting and mixed fleet, including some of the most appealing aircraft around Europe – either way because of the uniqueness of the type or just because of their striking camouflage.


C-1 - 2 TAG special colours

Where? Japan – Kyushu and Okinawa
When? December 2008

The parachutists were a real surprise as there were being dropped out of the special coloured C-1 that we saw earlier in the static display. So we also got nice photos of this aircraft, and of course the Blue Impulse with their T-4 were performing at the end of the show.


The CAF Air to Air

Where? Midland, Texas – USA
When? 02-03 October 2004

While being at the FINA CAF Airsho (2004 report) I hade the possibility for several flights in historic aircraft, including one in a Curits C-46 Command to go on a photo mission. While up in the air, a Mitsubishi Zero, 2 P-51 Mustangs, 3 B-25 Mitchel and a Gruman US-2B Tracker joined on our wings and provided excellent photo opportunities.
Going up in the early morning gave some excellent photos, and the flight in the Gruman Tracker was also an unforgettable experience during these few days in Texas.


B-2A take-off

Where? Edwards AFB, California
When? 17 October 2009

Flight Test Nation 2009 astounded 225,000 visitors from across the world as they got the opportunity to see some of the nation’s newest aircraft along with various historical ones. Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the X-15, FTN-09 was the first Air Show hosted by Team Edwards since 2006.



If you like what you see, head on over to where there are many more photographs and interesting essays to go with them.

You can also sign up to his newsletter for notifications when he updates. I’m certainly hoping to see more of his photography in 2010!

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