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I keep meaning to tell you guys that I am on Twitter. If you are already signed up for Twitter then you can follow me simply by clicking on the “follow” button on my Twitter page.


Or you can just visit akaSylvia on Twitter and see my updates there (no need to sign up for anything). My most recent tweets are in the left sidebar so you can also get the updates just by visiting this blog.

My Twitter stream has very little overlap with my website. I talk about all kinds of things, not just aviation, and I use it for the small things that don’t seem worth a full blog post for.

What will you find? Well, I link interesting web pages that I have found: fun videos and jokes and interesting news and exceptional blog pieces. I enjoy it because it’s a great way to make friends and chitchat.

I don’t use automated alerts at all – everything on my Twitter-stream is typed in by me. So you won’t get spammed although I often do a quick tweet to let people know a new blogpost is up.

And I have never, ever tweeted what I had for breakfast. Coffee and cottage cheese, if you are wondering.

So, if you are interested in a little bit more of me and fun links then follow me on Twitter. And be sure to say hello !

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