Picture the Scene

As the plane begins its descent, you react to the pinging sound and put your seatbelt on, quickly finishing off your gin and tonic as the stewardess comes around to take your empty glass. An announcement comes through the speakers asking everyone to put their seatback upright and turn all electronic equipment off. You look out the window as the plane breaks through the cloud and see the Spice Girls holding out oversized plastic cups of Pepsi.

What, that doesn’t sound right? Just you wait, Ad-Air is on the case:

A unique advertising medium that targets airline passengers in their seats. Ad-Air reaches this highly desirable demographic and captive audience by placing advertisements of 20,000m2, approx 5 acres in size, flat on the ground alongside the flight paths in and out of the world’s busiest airports.

Recently I toyed with writing some futuristic fiction but you know, I couldn’t make stuff like this up. They’ve already done this with a 5 acre sign up in Dubai, winning the Guinness World Record for the largest banner ad in the world. Passengers, they tell us, are a captive audience, with nothing to do but stare out the window. Why not give them something to see?
This is the future, coming soon to an airport near you. Maybe it’ll increase the popularity of the smaller airfields? It sure gives me yet another reason to want to avoid commercial flights – what a way to ruin the landscape!

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