On the Road Again

10 Apr 09 2 Comments

We’ll be taking the Saratoga out for a spin after a long winter parked at Málaga airport. Unfortunately, the lack of practice means I can’t take passengers and I’m feeling rather edgy about my abilities, so Cliff will be doing the initial flying until I get a chance to meet up with an instructor next week.

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We’ll be flying from Málaga to Strasbourg first. As we’re coming in from Spain, we don’t need customs so we can fly directly into Neuhof (LFGC). It’s a small airfield with 819 metres of grass and the radio is in French – I’m glad that Cliff is the one doing the flying!

Then I get to do the tourist thing while Cliff takes the Saratoga to England to pick up his family at North Weald and bring them back for a long weekend in Strasbourg. After we drop them back off, we’ll be flying to Newcastle where I’ll take over the controls and get back into shape. Sunday I am taking Cliff to York to meet a friend and then I’m going to London to meet up with a bunch of bloggers: I wouldn’t want to try to get everyone to the right place without the small plane! Monday morning we’ll head back to Newcastle and then from there we’ll head back home to Spain.

Hopefully I’ll get lots of great photos and new stories to share – at the very least, I should be able to tell you about a few more airfields and whether they are worth a visit!

See you in a fortnight!

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