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When this post appears on my website, I should hopefully be on my way for exploring new places! We’ll be flying into Newcastle (EGNT) on Friday. It’s the international airport for the North East of England and a very busy place. I can’t help but feel a little bit nervous.

Newcastle Airport has offered offered package holidays since the 1950s, with planes going to such exotic locations as Isle of Man and Isle of Wight. In 1954, there were 35 scheduled services per week carrying 5,500 passengers a year. By 1980, the airport was carrying a million passengers a year and now the figure is over five million. All of this is on a single runway – so it’s just a wee bit busy!

Last year, the airport reaquired the original 1930s airport terminal which they are going to open up as a visitor centre – I’m really hoping it’s in a state that I can visit it.

I want to do circuits over the weekend but I don’t think think I want to compete with all those jets. I have a pilot friend who lives up that way and I’m relying on him to come up with some recommendations although I’m taking the details of Carlisle and Eshott which both look interesting. I could really use some recommendations for a nice airfield to take everyone for lunch on Saturday if anyone knows the local area.

So right now, hopefully I am coming in safely (and competently!) on this 2,329m runway. I just hope I don’t get squashed by one of the big planes.

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Location: Newcastle
Date: 17 April 2009
Sunset: 20:15

Airfield: EGNT Newcastle
Phone Number: 0191-214 3207 Airport Authority
Samson Jet Centre (General Aviation handling): 0191 286 4156 or out of hours 0191 214 5916
email: [email protected]
Hours: H24
App/Rad 124.375
TWR: 119.700
RAD: 125.825
ATIS: 118.375
Runways: 07/25 2329x46m Asphalt
Airfield Height: 266′
Circuit Height: Variable
Weather Info:

Note: Training flights require prior arrangement with ATC and only within Mon-Sat 0730-2300 Sun 1000-2300

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