Mixed Messages: A Catch-Up Post

12 Apr 24 One Comment

I am home! I had an amazing time in Iceland. Sadly, the aviation museum in Akureyri was only open on Saturday afternoons and I couldn’t make it work. When I took this photograph at Akureyri Airport, it was -17ºC with a feels-like of -22ºC, so somewhere around 0°F.

My time there was amazing, if a bit cold, and I was wonderfully productive during the residency. It was great to be so focused. I’m burning to do the same again for an aviation book now!

I also took some time off for tourism.

This week, I’m going to update you on some of the articles from the past month and add a few new pieces for you to take a look at.

I had just started Fear of Landing when I was introduced to Max Trescott and he was unfailingly supportive and helpful as I tried to work out what I was doing. Max mailed me to say that he was intrigued by the article at the beginning of the month: The Fatal Flight Instruction: Spiral Dive Technique. Max’s gut instinct was that it didn’t look like an entry to a steep spiral manoeuvre at all.

Max ran the ADSB data through a simulator and came up with some interesting results, which he shares on his podcast at Aviation News Talk. If you are interested, you can access his analysis on episode 319 and hear what he thinks happened that day.

Guy Noffsinger mailed me after reading J.B. Rivard’s guest post because coincidentally, Guy was leaving the following day on an Expedition V mission in an attempt to find remains of the Hawaii Clipper, based on a connection between the two great disappearances of the time: Amelia Earhart and the Hawaii Clipper. His theory is a bit more convoluted but I’m looking to find out what his expedition comes up with! You can watch the four-minute video about Expedition V on Vimeo.

Deborah mailed me an interesting article about a very different helicopter crash than the type that we are used to.

A man who crashed a snowmobile into a parked Black Hawk helicopter is suing the government for $9.5M

Finally, AirC Images sent me this personal video and I’ve been looking forward to sharing it with you ever since.

I wanted to forward a clip to you that my brother and I shot for our Dad’s 95th birthday.

He passed at 97 in 2017. He was with USAAF Air Transport Command ferrying bombers to domestic and foreign airfields.

On a personal note, I’d just like to say it’s good to be home and especially nice not to have to wear snow boots all day every day!

Right, time to get my feet under the desk and back to work.

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