Milk-a-Punch Sunday?

13 Feb 06 5 Comments

Alderney has an annual event called “Milk-a-Punch Sunday” and I’ve specifically worked my schedule around being able to be there, plus a day on the ground on Monday to recover.

This long-observed tradition is a drink made of milk and egg and given a little kick by a healthy tot of rum, offered by every publican on the island and often imaginatively adapted to their own recipe. The origin of the tradition is suitably blurred, but folklore has it that

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  • Being a huge fan of alderney here are a list of the bars , Bellvue ( this has to be the first port of call ) The Albert, The campaiange, The Cornation ,The Rose & Crown, The murray,and to finish the beatuiful Moorings if its open .( thats a lot of milk ) Enjoy your time on this beautiful island with warn friendly ( Excentic ) Locals

  • Oh that’s perfect, thank you! I’ve got the final itinerary down for the islands and am really looking forward to it. I will be sure to take your list with me (and book a bed near one of the pubs!)

  • glad i could be of help, Can’t wait to get my self back there again in August for the legendary Alderney week !

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