Now that’s what I call a cruise!

23 Jan 08 2 Comments

Forget the Queen Mary, I want to go cruising on one of these:

Manned Cloud

The brainchild of Jean-Marie Massaud, the Manned Cloud is an airborne hotel that he hopes will change the way we view tourism.

Manned Cloud is a hotel with a capacity of 40 passengers and staffed with 15 persons, that on a 3-day cruise in 170 km/h permits man to explore the world without a trace: to re-experience travelling, timelessness and enhance the consciousness of the beauty of the world – and to experience spectacular and exotic places without being intrusive or exploitative. For me this project sums up a way of thinking that is the stake of tomorrow.

Dezeen Design Magazine has done an excellent write-up with all the details. It sounds wonderful:

Manned Cloud will have a cruising speed of 130 km/h and a top speed of 170 km/h. Two two-deck cabin will contain amenities including a restaurant, a library, a fitness suite and a spa. There will also be a sun deck on top of the double helium-filled envelopes.

Where do I sign up?

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  • Thanks for stopping by. My daughter loved the looks of this.

    Off topic, but have you landed at Cambridge City Airport? I’m wondering how big a jet can land there. (For a novel of course.) I’ve been close to the airport, but alas, not seen the strip. In the book, they fly overseas from that airport, though I can always add a mention of stopping for fuel. :)

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