Let’s Talk About the Weather

Slight reorganisation of plans, flying to Elstree (London) on Thursday, picking up Cliff’s mum who thought it would be fun to go with us (pretty daring for a woman of 81!) and flying to Guernsey first thing in the morning on Friday, arriving in time for a lunch date with a local who has offered to tell us all about the island.

Unfortunately, I’m not overly impressed with the weather report, which seems to imply I could fly into Guernsey any day except Friday, which is forecast for rain.

I always knew the British weather would cause problems and was the reason why it seemed sensible to not even consider starting until Spring was firmly established. But I really didn’t think that the very first flight for the very first trip could end up getting blown out!
If I chain-refresh the page, do you think the forecast will change?

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