A Drone and the Man who Loves It

9 Jan 15 3 Comments

I have posted a few times about the dangers of drones but this video shows what can be done with a remote controlled model aircraft. It has everything: suspense, intrigue and action. It’s the touching story between a drone at the edge of its life and the Dutchman who loves it.

Zwier Spanjer got a DJI Phantom 2 for Christmas and spent the day flying it around the local park in the Netherlands. He was having so much fun, he forgot to watch the power.

Just watch:

When the DJI gets low on power, it goes into auto-land mode which is why it is slowly descending. You can see the owner and his friends watching from the street.

Of course, someone has already done a Whitney Houston homage:

I know I complain about reckless usage of these now that they’ve become affordable and popular but I do love the camera footage that comes from them!

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  • Let us hope that people who buy these things will have the good sense to use them like it says on the ad for booze: enjoy responsibly !
    BTW I should know where the shot was taken, I did thousands of hours banner towing in (over) the Netherlands ! But so far I failed to identify the area.

  • Thanks for trying, Sylvia.
    It is a very funny item, the way the owner jumps in the no doubt ice cold water to save his drone !
    Priceless. It seems from the footage that he just managed at the last moment to slap it away so that someone on the shore could catch it. The fingers of that person are just visible at the last seconds of the clip.
    And the second bit with the sound bit from “The Bodyguard” is even better !

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