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17 Jun 11 One Comment

First, a collection of links about the Liberty Bell, the B-17 that has been in the news over the past week. The Liberty Bell, a World War 2 bomber, was forced to land in a field after an inflight fire.

B-17 “Crash” | myTransponder

This was not a crash. It was a successful off-field landing following an inflight fire. It’s just too bad the fire totaled the frame. Sad to lose an old plane like that, but I’m thrilled everyone got out when they landed.

Despite the unfortunate misuse of the word crash, don’t miss the photographs in the Daily Herald:

Images: World War II B-17 crash in Oswego – DailyHerald.com

A World War II-era B17 bomber made an emergency landing in an Oswego cornfield before being engulfed in flames on Monday.

And a statement from the Chief Pilot at the Liberty Foundation: Liberty Belle B-17 Flying Fortress

Directly below the B-17 was a farmer’s field and the decision was made to land immediately. Approximately 1 minute and 40 seconds from the radio report of the fire, the B-17 was down safely on the field. Within that 1:40 time frame, the crew shutdown and feathered the number 2 engine, activated the engine’s fire suppression system, lowered the landing gear and performed an on-speed landing. Bringing the B-17 to a quick stop, the crew and passengers quickly and safely exited the aircraft. Overhead in the T-6, Cullen professionally coordinated and directed the firefighting equipment which was dispatched by Aurora Tower to the landing location.

Unlike the sensational photos that you have all seen of the completely burned B-17 on the news, you will see from photos taken by our crew that our Liberty Belle was undamaged by the forced landing and at the time of landing, the wing fire damage was relatively small. The crew actually unloaded bags, then had the horrible task of watching the aircraft slowly burn while waiting for the fire trucks to arrive.

In somewhat bizarre news, a man begins giving random vectors to pilots coming into Istanbul. The Air Traffic Controller valiantly tries to sort out the mess with the clear instruction: “Please only listen to women”

fake atc by iststatus

These essays by Mike Angiulo flying from Washington to New York and back to pick up his new Great Lakes bi-plane makes for great reading.

Biplane Trip Across the Country

I felt very alone. The screaming noise of the engine was drowned out only by the 120mph wind buffeting my head around in the open cockpit of my new biplane. Things wouldn’t be so bad if I could see more than a hundred yards though. My left hand was busy holding my brick-sized GPS right above my heart. An inch lower and it loses reception. An inch higher and it might blow right out of the cockpit (probably finding a way to whack me in the face no doubt).

Inside the Hercules C-130 at an airshow – a joy to watch their teamwork. Via Sulako’s Blog

And finally, the EAA have posted a beautiful and heartbreaking tribute to and celebration of the life of Amanda Younkin Franklin, who passed away on the 27th of May as a result of complications from her burns in the Brownsville airshow incident.

To most people, the sky is the limit.
To those who love aviation, the sky is home.

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