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27 Jun 08 2 Comments

Another selection of interesting and intriguing aviation articles that I stumbled upon while I should have been working.

Stainless Steel Lunch Jar
I want to get one of these for in-flight food on the Saratoga. We do the flight from Málaga to Southern England in two three-hour hops – an alternative to airport junk-food would be great.

Sky Pirates
Documentally travels light, so with the new baggage charges in place, he asked for a discount.

Crash survivors considered eating pilot
I suppose it depends on how many annoying announcements the pilot made.

The Glamour of Flight
A fun collection of vintage photographs of flight attendants from times gone by. I’m not advocating a return to beauty pageants for flight crew but the photographs made me grin.

Airplanes of the future could be self-healing
Bad enough they almost fly themselves these days, now they don’t even want maintenance.

ICON A5 Folding Plane Looks Like Sportscar
It looks interesting although the supposedly “increasingly common” full parachute for small aircraft made me pause. Has anyone actually ever seen one of these outside of magazine articles?

Aerodromes in the UK AIP
Online access to charts for civil licensed aerodromes in the UK – great when you are travelling (or for couples like us who tend to fight over who has access to the Pooley’s)

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