Everyone Loves a Happy Ending

This week: a collection of aviation news that turned out well.

I find it terribly disconcerting to see a large plane doing a wheelie:

Photos: Airbus A310-325/ET Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net

CS-TKN (cn 624) This month of November had been really good for us spotters, with so many different things coming by!! Not being a different A/C, this one deserved some attention… These pilots were caught in some wind shear, and it was really close to total disaster, since the wing almost touched the ground! You can also see the stress in main landing gear… At that time, there were gusts up to 44 knots of crosswind, and heavy turbulence was reported! I’m glad that everything ended up well..

The Daily Mail lambasted the pilot’s action after he wrecked a Tiger Moth, but it seemed a totally sensible response to me.

Pilot’s crashes plane in a field, takes photo of the wreckage… then goes to the pub | Mail Online

A heap of mangled metal, this is all that remains of a bi-plane that crash-landed in a field.

The 1930s design Tiger Moth smashed into pieces after clipping a tree as it tried to land in Denbighshire, North Wales.

Luckily, however, the pilot was unhurt and calmly walked away from the wreckage, telling a witness: ‘I just feel such a fool.’

The man, in his 40s, was wearing a cream linen suit and was later spotted in a local pub.

The terror in the pilot’s voice makes this a chilling exchange to listen to.

Iced Pilots: Cessna Caravan Emergency due to Icing – YouTube

On April 23rd, 2006, a Cessna Caravan flying near Buffalo experienced a total loss of control due to severe icing. The pilot was able to recover from three 90 degrees banks: she then opted to continue on to her final destination, Bangor.

Mrs Ahmed is now back in Paris but it isn’t clear who should pay.

BBC News – Paris plane passenger flown back to Lahore while asleep

A Frenchwoman who flew from Pakistan, slept through her arrival at Paris and then flew back to Lahore, has finally arrived back in the French capital.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is investigating how ground crew at Charles de Gaulle Airport failed to notice Patrice Christine Ahmed during the plane’s two-hour stopover.

By the time she woke up she was on her way back to Pakistan.

Pakistan International Airlines are arguing that it is the passenger’s responsibility to disembark at the correct airport.

And in another cockpit video, this plane struck power lines with the landing gear on final approach:

Video Landing Page – Fox 2 News Headlines

The sheriff’s department says the single-engine plane was piloted by 84-year-old Wilbert Matthes of Ida and his co-pilot was his 20-year-old grandson Ian Zawacki of Monroe. They were attempting to land at a small airport when a landing gear caught the power line north of the landing strip.

The men were taken to a hospital as a precaution. Injuries were described as minor. Some power outages were reported due to the crash.

Finally, I promise I will never complain about airport regulations and the time it takes to get fuel again:

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