Video from Airventure 2009

This is an awesome video taken at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh – The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration by Slick Aviation, a college student who shot 6 hours of video over the ten days he spent at Airventure and cut it down to the best 5 minutes.

I couldn’t help but grin at his blogpost about the unexpected popularity of his video.
Video…only a tad more popular than I thought…

***UPDATE***At the time of writing this I have just received a youtube honor…something that’s fairly close to impossible unless it was shown on TV, someone gets hurt, or it’s a music video. This week, thanks to everyone viewing the new Airventure video, it ranked #83 of the top 100 viewed videos for youtube. That mean, out of every video viewed on youtube, the new Airventure video is #83. Thanks again for everyone who watched!

It’s been five days since I’ve uploaded the Airventure 2009 review video, and the view count…ratings…and comments are off the charts. It has exceeded expectations twenty fold! At the time of writing it has 21,633 views. THAT IS INSANE! I was not expecting anything more than maybe 1,200 views…maybe. To quote my father, “It just keeps feeding itself.”

As of today, the video is up to 658,636 views and has a 5-star rating. It really does deserve it, Slick has put a huge amount of effort into editing this video and it is honestly one of best I’ve seen come out of Airventure this year – including professional clips.

You can also read about his adventures at the airshow in a day-by-day review he posted to the EAA Airventure 2009 Post Review – ARC Air Discussion Forums. He took 1,400 photographs in addition to the video footage and included some of the best ones in his review.

The next Airventure will be July 26 – August 1 in 2010 and after seeing Slick Aviation’s video and photographs, I’m tempted to try to plan a trip to Oshkosh next summer.

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