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5 Apr 08 2 Comments

My last flight was in a big jet with a crew and mini-bottles of wine and everything. It made for a change but I think I prefer the Saratoga overall – especially after putting together this grab-bag from the world of commercial flying.

“Terrain, terrain, pull up. Too low.” Not something you want to hear as you are descending. At the new airport in Shamshabad, they don’t want you to worry. The official advice is to switch off the ground proximity warnings once the false warnings start. Sorry, but I really can’t blame the KLM pilot who decided to divert, even if he did end up 1500 miles away in Mumbai.

ProTraveller have stirred up some conversation with their Top 10 Most Dangerous Aircraft Landings in theWorld. They don’t actually single out individual landings (wouldn’t you hate to be that pilot) but it’s an interesting (and somewhat hair-raising) collection of airfields which could be considered a bit of a challenge. For a bit of context on #4, you might want to look at Plastic Pilot’s video of coming into Courchevel in a PA28. It does look a bit tricky!

Photos of the Divas Pink Flight, a themed flight put on for the Sydney Mardi Gras, looks like it was a seriously fun flight, although there is such a thing as too much pink. It must have been a bit shocking for those who booked it as a standard flight!

Cranky Flier writes about the EMD Safety Bracelet, a “nasty little device [which] will give flight crews the ability to physically disable you with the touch of a button.” Will all the too-pretty passengers be wearing them next season?

Ancient Pelican links a YouTube video of the funnest marshalling I’ve ever seen.

Some great photographs over at Francoflyersof the “Ryanair Water-Ski team” when a B737-800 skidded on the runway and then ran off onto the wet grass. The plane was quickly evacuated using the slides and there were no injuries. If it had been Gatwick, it would have made headline news.

Speaking of headline news, somehow I missed the woman passenger who was handed pliers to remove her nipple piercings before being allowed to board her flight. The TSA has made a statement that correct procedure was followed but conceded that maybe procedure should be modified. Maybe, as long as we get reassurance that we will remain safe from lethal piercings!

Meanwhile, the details of the Liquid Bomb have finally been released. One of the commenters at Schneier on Security has a solution: “No carry on, no hand luggage, naked passengers …that might work” But would the Pink Divas approve?

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  • I used to take a lot of commercial flights in and out of Wellington airport. I feel vaguely cheated if it isn’t a roller coaster ride!

  • Anabels, I’ve got a photograph that I should post of a runway with a huge hump in the middle, it looks like it’s part of a rollercoaster. As you head downhill, you are going straight towards a cliff edge. It’s astounding.

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