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I found this on an aviation forum and I just can’t stop staring at the photographs.


N9368D is a Piper Supercub registered in Anchorage.


Apparently, the owner went on a fishing trip and left the catch in the plane.

Easier than a tin can

A bear smelled the food and tore the plane apart to get to it. I suppose a Piper is easier to open than a tin can…

Frontal Attack

Take a look at the horizontal stabilizer. Wow.


So, the story goes that the Alaskan pilot had 2 new tires, three cases of speed tape and several rolls of cellophane delivered to the site and promptly repaired his plane so that he could fly it home.

FAA Approved?

If you look closely, you can just about see that he wrote the registration on the side with a ball-point pen.

Would you get in?

Update: Alaska Dispatch say they got the whole story from the pilot’s father: An appetite for revenge

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