Airbus 319 with nose-gear collapsed

13 Aug 10 One Comment

Last week, an Azerbaijan Airlines Airbus 319 collapsed at the end of the runway at Atatürk International Airport in Istanbul. The nose-gear and fuselage appear to be severely damaged. There were no injuries.

Azerbaijan Airlines is the state-owned airline of the Republic of Azerbaijan, an independent Turkic state. The flight from their base in Baku, Azerbaijan to Istanbul was uneventful … until after touchdown.

These photographs appeared on Turkish site with the headline KAZADAN FOTOĞRAFLAR yesterday.

(Click through to Airkule for the full set of 19 photographs)

Flightglobal reports:
Azerbaijan Airlines A319 damaged in Istanbul incident

Images from the scene show that the twin-engined aircraft appears to have suffered the loss of its nose-gear in the event. It has come to rest near a fence, with its forward fuselage in contact with the ground.

The images also show that the nose of the jet carries the name ‘Guba’, identifying it as serial number 2588, registered 4K-AZ04.

Flightglobal’s ACAS database shows that this A319 is a five-year old airframe fitted with CFM International CFM56 engines.

Circumstances of the event are unclear.

Turkish media state that the aircraft was operating as flight J2075, from Baku, and was transporting 121 passengers and seven crew. No injuries are reported.

The plane appears to have touched down without incident but then came off the runway as the plane was taxiing to the final exit. Airkule state that the aircraft was travelling too quickly to make the turn and that initial findings imply that the accident was probably caused by pilot error.

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